Graphic Systems (U) Ltd is committed to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility as a way to give back to society but also as a way to make the company a great place to work.

The four areas that Graphic Systems (U) Ltd CSR covers include:
a) Community – supporting the local community in areas such as health, education and arts and culture
b) Workplace – creating a healthy working environment where employees are valued – making the company a great place to work
c) Environment – managing the companies waste and emissions
d) Marketplace – developing strong relationship with the companies suppliers and supporting local enterprise

1. Community

Graphic Systems (U) Ltd gives back to the community by way of corporate sponsorships that go to benefit non-profit causes by supporting or funding events such as fundraising runs, galas or health camps. Some of the causes that Graphic Systems Uganda has funded (many of which are on an annual basis) include:
• Uganda Red Cross Society: Yearly Blood Donation Camps
• Distribution of Mosquito nets: in Luzira locality with the help of the local councils to help in the fight against malaria
• Indian Association Heart Fund: Since 2009,GSUL has participated in raising funds towards the Indian Association of Uganda Heart Fund. Every year the Indian Association of Uganda raises funds to send approximately 20 patients to India that are in need of heart surgery that can’t be done in Uganda.
• Milege Afro Jazz Band: mainly helps with identifying and promoting artists from deprived regions like Karamoja
• Rotary club of Kampala: photo exhibition to embrace Humanity – held at Garden city

2. Workplace

Work Force Diversity
Graphic Systems (U) Ltd is an equal opportunity employer that encourages both women and men to apply for posts in the organization hence encouraging work force diversity. For example, the workforce ratio consists of approximately 60% women and 40% men and there is no discrimination of nationality or tribes – recruitment is based on staff competence and experience. In addition, the company does not discriminate against the disabled neither to those living with HIV – which is reinforced by our workplace policy.

Employee Well Being
Graphic Systems (U) Ltd acts in a socially responsible way toward employees by viewing employees as assets and has put policies in place that create a work environment that enhances the quality of life for employees. Graphic Systems (U) Ltd focuses on making the company a great place to work by making the employees feel like they are one big family by:

Workshops and Training
• Health and safety training and workshops on HIV, Fire Drills, and financial management
• Motivational speakers/leadership coaching sessions such as Azim Jamal and Harrie Willeme

Sports and Entertainment
• Funding the staff football team
• Staff parties – department wise as well as annual group staff parties.
• Family days – families of staff are invited to visit their family member’s offices and interact with other staff families

Health and Financial Well Being
• Special leave is given to staff members to care for sick family members
• Emergency loans & advances to staff
• Wheel chair distribution
• Gas distribution to staff

3. Environment

Graphic Systems (U) Ltd also looks at ways to protect the workplace environment stemming from its business activities. In order to reduce its impact on the environment, Graphic Systems (U) Ltd monitors its production waste, which is mainly paper. Any waste paper produced is given to egg tray and furniture makers. In addition, Graphic Systems (U) Ltd endeavors to use biodegradable products for certain items including printing inks and paper wherever possible.

4. Marketplace

Graphic Systems (U) Ltd ensures to keep up to date with the local laws/regulations and has policies in place that clearly define the organisation’s approach to labour standards and other key issues. Graphic Systems (U) Ltd has won numerous awards over the years including the Best Employer of the Year by the Federation of Uganda Employers.
Graphic Systems (U) Ltd also undergoes stringent supplier management assessments and ethical audits and is recognized as accredited suppliers for Coca Cola, SAB Miller and Diageo groups.

Graphic Systems (U) Ltd believes that CSR is a great way to give back to society but also to incur long term business benefits. The company is developing a new CSR strategy for 2013 and other businesses are encouraged to join Graphic Systems Uganda on this CSR journey.